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[Apr. 1, 2017] China has issued a flurry of measures on Friday aimed at promoting oil and commodities trading in seven new free trade zones, including granting more crude import quotas and establish trading platform...
[Apr. 6, 2017] China was the top foreign buyer of US crude in February, according to data that show the growing interdependence of the world's big energy-consuming nations at a time of heightened geopolitical tensio...
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[Apr. 6, 2017] China plans to start imposing consumption taxes on oil by-products such as light cycle oil and bitumen blend, which could upset the plans of traders and refineries who export such products to China, Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing four sources in th
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[Apr. 7, 2017] China’s apparent oil demand rose 5.3% year on year in the first two months of 2017 to 11.65 million b/d on the back of robust economic growth, holiday transportation demand and efforts to build stocks ahead of the refinery maintenance season that started
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[Apr. 10, 2017] In the space of only about 20 years, China has gone from being nearly energy self-sufficient to depending upon imports to meet half of its energy needs. The country experienced this dramatic swing despite being the world’s fourth largest producer of
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[Apr. 11, 2017] China and Myanmar have finally reached an agreement on an oil pipeline that that would allow China to import crude oil from overseas via Myanmar, and the project is slated to open “very quickly”, according to Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu
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[Apr. 14, 2017] China’s crude oil imports surged to an all-time high in March to nearly 9.2 MMbpd, customs data showed on Thursday, far surpassing expectations and overtaking the United States as independent refiners ramped up their purchases.The March imports came in at
[Apr. 13, 2017] China will lift the retail prices of both gas and diesel for the third time this year from Thursday, amid a rally in global oil prices, the country’s top economic planner announced Wednesday.Gasoline prices will rise by 200 yuan (about 29 U.S. dollars) pe
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[Apr. 17, 2017] The 1,454-km Kazakh-China link will transport 5 billion cu m annuallyA new strategically important natural gas pipeline running from southern Kazakhstan to China began operating on Friday, China National Petroleum Corp said in a statement.The company said
[Apr. 18, 2017] China’s shale gas production surged in March while natural gas production also expanded, indicating improved energy structure as the country shifts away from reliance on traditional energy sources.Shale gas output jumped 50.4 percent year on year to reach
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